Congratulations to SafeHealth for winning the “Taipei NEO Trade Award”


Congratulations to SafeHealth for winning the "Taipei NEO Trade Award"

A new benchmark for leading cross-border e-Commerce to great success

From 2020 to 2021, the COVID-19 Epidemic restricted people from outdoor activities, so investment into innovating the logistics network and the consumer market for personal protective equipment (PPE) has skyrocketed. SafeHealth took its first step towards meeting the demand for PPE through using e-commerce and has reaped the rewards.


After three months of preparation last year, the e-commerce channel development plan was officially launched. Introducing cross-border e-commerce to SafeHealth has been groundbreaking. The buying and delivering of our products is much smoother, creating a slick B2C channel the company had never experienced before.

Due to this success, in January 2021, the “E-commerce Development Office” was officially established within SafeHealth to spark further innovation in online sales.

In confronting the rich and diverse market within the U.S. e-commerce platform Amazon, SafeHealth's biggest obstacle was standing out from the numerous other PPE brands, especially with the limited resources the company had to work with. However, the challenge of establishing brand awareness was overcome through an understanding of the rapid evolution of Amazon and the US market. Since the fourth quarter of 2021, total sales surpassed 3,000 boxes a month. Furthermore, Amazon Prime day brought further success to SafeHealth products, with “Nitrile Examination Gloves” and “Vinyl Series Gloves” ranking at 4th and 5th in the category for disposable gloves on Amazon in the U.S.. 

Thus, this year, SafeHealth won the 2021 Best Cross-border E-commerce, "Taipei NEO Trade Award" presented by the Taipei City Government.